15/12/2018 - EUniverCities Network

Presentations Ghent meeting (January 2012)

The presentations of the Ghent meeting on Students are available: Ghent City: So many students Ghent Housing Ghent Student Housing Ghent Student Housing Policy Ghent University Participation Ghent City: So many starters Ghent Centre for Entrepreneurship Ghent Student Entrepreneurship (IBBT) Ghent University Entrepreneurship Ghent Big in Creativity (GhentBC) Ghent Big in Creativity: Flyse (GhentBC) Ghent more »

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Presentations subnetwork Internationalisation Aalborg (November 2018)

The presentations and photos of the Aalborg meeting on Integration of internationals in the local/regional labour market are available: University College of Northern Denmark Aalborg University Career centre (1) Aalborg University Career centre (2) International House Aalborg Kickstart Aalborg Integration in Delft Integration in Parma Integration in Magdeburg The photos of the meeting are available more »

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