23 URBACT-Transfer networks embarking on the second phase of their journey!

 On 4 December 2018 the URBACT’s Monitoring Committee approved 23 Transfer networks for another 24 months (Phase 2) of activities, including exchange and learning as well as communicating and sharing.

Some Member cities of the EUniverCites network are also involved in the selected transfer projects.

Civic eState (ex-CommUnities):
Cities involved: Naples (IT), Gdansk (PL), Barcelona (ES), Amsterdam (NL), Ghent (BE), Iasi (RO), Presov (SK)

The network’s purpose is to transfer Naples’ Good Practice “Lost & Found”. The network aims at guaranteeing the collective enjoyment as well as collective management of urban essential facilities conceived as urban commons. This public-community governance approach will secure fair and open access to commons as well as their sustainability and preservation for the benefit of future generations.

Cities involved:Lisbon (PT), Bari (IT), Aalborg (DK), Sofia (BG), Ostrava (CZ), Lublin (PL), Den Haag (NL), Lille Metropole (FR)

Lisbon Local Development Strategy for areas of Priority Intervention provides the city a range of integrated tools to tackle urban poverty and empower local communities. The strategy is based on a co-governance and bottom-up participatory perspective, ensuring a horizontal and collaborative local approach, to mitigate social, economic, environmental and urban exclusion, resulting in a smart and effective toolbox to implement a sustainable urban living and enhance social and territorial cohesion.

Welcoming International Talent (ex-Movement)
Cities involved: Groningen (NL), Zlin Municipal Authority (CZ), Magdeburg (DE), Parma (IT), Bielsko-Biala (PL), Leuven (BE), EDC Debrecen (HU)

Higher education and the knowledge economy have led to a global competition for talent. Whereas the main European cities attract both students and skilled-workers because of their scale and fame, medium-sized cities, like Groningen, need a policy to attract talent and to keep them economically active. In this Network, the Good Practice of Groningen, a welcoming policy for International Students and skilled workers, will be transferred to other EU cities.

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