EUniverCities Network Meeting, 5.-8. December 2017 in Magdeburg

The next EUniverCities Network meeting will take place in Magdeburg, Germany, from 5 – 8 December 2017. The main theme will be “Social engagement of the universities – a significant part of the ‘Third Mission'”. The meeting will discuss what contribution universities can make to society.

Universities and colleges of higher education have long since taken on other tasks in addition to research and teaching and impact on society. This engagement is also called the “third mission” of the universities. This is not only about the transfer of technologies and knowledge, but also about dialogue with society, with citizens, in cities and communities. The engagement is manifold. The spectrum ranges from questions on urban and traffic planning to social commitment and cultural projects.

At the EUniverCities network conference in Magdeburg, representatives of 13 universities and cities will discuss how such a social engagement of universities can look like, which structures and prerequisites are necessary for this. In exchange, the network partners will present examples of best practice.

Questions to be addressed:
– What can universities do to promote social cohesion and the cultural diversity of the cities?
– How can students be activated to engage in the social and cultural sector?
– How can the activities for social engagement be linked with research and teaching?
– Which expectations have the cities regarding the contributions of the universities?
– Which structural conditions must universities and cities create to make social and cultural engagement successful? Which forms/organisational models of interaction exist in this field?
– How is it possible to use the social and cultural contributions of the universities sustainable in a long-term perspective, not only in a time-limited project?
– Are there any indicators to measure the success of such engagement?

The complete programme of the meeting can be download here: Programme EUniverCities Meeting Magdeburg December 2017