EUniverCities statement, videos and final report

At the Open Seminar in Delft (the Netherlands) the EUniverCities statement was signed by Mayor Bas Verkerk (City of Delft) and Normunds Popens (European Commission, Deputy DG Regional and Urban Policy).

Also the final report of the EUniverCities project: ‘City & University: A Symphony for Progress’ was handed out to Normunds Popens and Simina Lazar (URBACT Secretariat).

These documents can be found here:
EUniverCities Statement.
EUniverCities Final report.

The Open Seminar titled ‘How to make Europe’s University Cities future proof?’, tried to find answers to topics such as:

  • Entrepreneurship as major tool for development
  • Campus development
  • Cities and Universities realizing Europe’s Grand Societal Challenges

A short impression was made of the seminar: Impression EUniverCities Seminar.

And also the animation of the EUniverCities poject is available: EUniverCities The Movie.

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