New EUniverCities Network Strategy 2017-2019

Over the last year the EUC members have been working on a new strategy for the upcoming three years. In this document we translated our mission into four ambitions:
1. To foster mutual learning and knowledge exchange between network partners.
2. To keep universities and cities alike actively involved in the network.
3. To grow organically as a network.
4. To communicate and valorize results of the network activities.

In order to reach these ambitions an Action plan has been developed as well as a new Structure document in which information on membership, representation, annual fee, thematic meetings and budget etc. have been defined.
At the Tampere Coordinators meeting all coordinators have unanimously agreed that the new Strategy document will serve a base point for all network activities in the next three years.

The new EUniverCities Network Strategy 2017-2019 document can be downloaded here.