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Official documents:

Documents of the EUniverCities meetings:

Aveiro (May 2019): How can Universities be an active Stakeholder in the development of Cultural activities in the City?

Trondheim (December 2018): Educating for change: how can universities, cities and students work together for a sustainable future?

Ghent (May 2018): Decision-makers meeting (3)

Magdeburg (December 2017): Social engagement of universities – a significant part of the ‘Third Mission’

Lublin (May 2017): Support for student spin-off companies and integration of international students through entrepreneurship

Tampere (November 2016): ‘Tampere, towards an urban campus?’

Parma (June 2016): ‘A tale of a university city: How to create an attractive brand?’

Linköping and Norrköping (November 2015): ‘Towards a civic university and academic cities?’

Lausanne (May 2015): ‘Science in the city’ and ‘Campus as a living lab’

Delft (March 2015): ‘Hospitality and Living Labs’

Lecce (January 2015): ‘Lecce as Smart Student City?’

Ghent (December 2014): ‘City & university in Ghent: students and public spaces’

Tampere (September 2014): ‘City & university in Tampere: Getting better all the time?’

Varna (June 2014): ‘Varna at a crossroads: towards a knowledge-based economy?’

Aalborg (April 2014): ‘The attractive student city’

Lublin (February 2014): ‘Building an attractive student city’

Aveiro (November 2013): ‘City & university in Aveiro: Heading towards an integrated and sustainable knowledge city?’

Linköping (September 2013): ‘City & university in Linköping: How to make provincial city thrilling’

Trondheim (April 2013): ‘Main developments and challenges regarding the city-university cooperation’

Magdeburg (March 2013): ‘Science and the City Economy: an Analysis of Magdeburg’

Aachen (September 2012): ‘City-university collaboration in Aachen’

Ghent (January 2012): ‘Students and entrepreneurship’

Documents of the EUniverCities sub-network meetings ‘Internationalization’

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Articles, reports & literature: