New updates from Lublin!

New updates from Lublin!

1) The academic community of Lublin, together against COVID-19 On the initiative of the Lublin Union of Universities (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, University of Life Sciences, Lublin University of Technology, Medical University) and the Lublin Voivode, with the participation of the Mayor of Lublin City, Public Transport Authority, Municipal Transport Company in Lublin and the II Lublin Territorial Defense Brigade, action will be carried out "Vaccination stop." The academic community of Lublin, together with local and provincial authorities, in solidarity and care for mutual security...

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EUniverCities is a European network, launched in 2012, in which medium sized cities as well as universities (working in tandems) work together in order to give knowledge cities more visibility within Europe. The network aims to exchange and spread the knowledge, expertise and experience about city-university cooperation across urban Europe. Network members learn from each other how to shape co-operations in a fruitful way, apply the lessons, take next steps on the local level, and spread the le...more


Daily management of the city, closely connected with the existing and urgent problems, asks for fast and known solutions. Exploring new and innovative paths can be overcome with the relationship with the university. On the other side, the academy, often distant from reality, can develop knowledge from concrete needs and test in real context. Cities and Universities from the network play an important role to overcame the challenges, providing the right platform to share experiences and results with the peers. André Cester Costa - City of Aveiro

Secretariat EUniverCities
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