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CaST project publishes a new volume on Engaged Learning

CaST project publishes a new volume on Engaged Learning


Published on 1 May 2022

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The Communities and Students Together project is an Erasmus+ funded venture which brings together a number of our EUniverCities partner universities past and present (University of Exeter, Ghent University, University of Málaga, Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, University of Parma and University of Turku).

The project focuses on how universities can work more effectively and more inclusively within their city communities by providing students with opportunities to work on local societal challenges. In particular, the CaST project aims to advance our knowledge and understanding of engaged learning and to develop and pilot a programme in each partner university which enables community-based engaged learning and/or research for students to work on real-world societal challenges and co-produce knowledge with and for the community.

The CaST project has now delivered its third major output, a pilot synthesis report entitled Communities and Students Together (CaST): Piloting New Approaches to Engaged Learning in Europe. The volume is edited by Lindsey Anderson of the University of Exeter, and includes a number of detailed case studies on the Engaged Learning projects piloted by each of the partners, as well as conclusions and reflections for further work in this area. The new publication complements the project’s earlier outputs: a State-of-the-Art Review of Engaged Learning in the partner countries, and Engaged Learning in Europe, a compendium of case studies.

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