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Data release update on the LMI-EUniv project

Data release update on the LMI-EUniv project


Published on 29 June 2023

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Our Network members at the West University of Timisoara are one of the five partners from five EU countries involved in this major project which aims to understand how European Universities are using labour market information and labour market intelligence in the planning and delivery of their provision, and how can this be improved.

The LMI-EUniv team has recently launched a comprehensive collection of country fiches providing Higher Education Institutions with invaluable and up-to-date resources on labour market intelligence availability.

With effective LMI, universities will be better able to innovate around core themes such as demand driven internal strategic planning; targeted business and public facing activities; increased outreach and widening participation; efficient Careers Advice to potential and current learners, and an ability to express their value to the community and local area in newer, more profound ways. Understanding how Universities are using LMI is critical to develop the best strategies for matching the education/courses and extra-curricular elements to the needs of the local and regional area.

Developed by West University of Timisoara in collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca, the University of Tallinn, Prospektiker, and LISER, the LMI-EUniv project focuses on enhancing evidence-based decision-making in the higher education landscape.


More information is available on the project’s website: