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“Knowledge Bites”: the research of the University of Parma meets the city

“Knowledge Bites”: the research of the University of Parma meets the city


Published on 1 October 2022

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After the summer break, the "Knowledge Bites" (Aperitivi della conosenza) programme resumed in October: events planned by the University of Parma with the aim of bringing together research conducted in the University and the city. The initiative is supported through the patronage of the Municipality of Parma.

The location for this series of events is ParmaUniverCity Info Point, the information and reception point of the University of Parma in the underpass of the Roman Bridge: a significant choice also from a symbolic point of view, precisely in the meeting between University and city.

Parma’s Roman Bridge

Every Wednesday at 5.30 pm until 14 December, the Info point in the underpass of the Roman Bridge will host short informative seminars conducted by professors of the University of Parma, in a program built with the contribution of all the disciplinary areas of the University and always dedicated to the UN 2030 Agenda (the action plan signed in 2015 by 193 United Nations countries, including Italy) and its “Goals”, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030.

The 2030 Agenda will be explored from different points of view, acknowledging the complexity (economic, environmental and interconnected social dimensions) that characterizes it.

This autumn’s “Knowledge Bites” topics will range from stress to war, from gender, rights and sustainable human development to a futuristic computer planetary museum, from cancer stem cells to innovative and conservative brains, from green materials in construction to the supply chain of Parmigiano-Reggiano, from health and disease by sex and gender to outdoor education, in a broad thematic spectrum that reflects the vastness of the University of Parma’s fields of activity.

The seminars will all be recorded and then published on the YouTube channel of the University of Parma, in a dedicated playlist.

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