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Lausanne city and university work together on “Gender and the City”

Lausanne city and university work together on “Gender and the City”


Published on 1 February 2022

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In 2021, for the fourth time, the Interact project has launched a call for collaborative projects between UNIL researchers and employees from the City of Lausanne. With a budget of 40,000 Swiss francs, this call for projects focused on the theme "Gender and the City".

Six tandem teams submitted projects, of which three were selected and will be carried out during the calendar year 2022:

  • “Préaux en tous genres” aims to observe, document and analyse the activities and interactions in Lausanne’s playgrounds. The research will make it possible to formulate practical recommendations for the professionals of the City of Lausanne, its administration, the school institution and the children.
  • Another project aims to study the socio-cultural activities of the City of Lausanne in the light of a gender budgeting approach. It thus proposes to apply an innovative approach to a sector of public action that has been relatively unexplored. The results and recommendations of this research will allow us to understand how local governance can actively advance gender equality.
  • Finally, the third funded project intends to focus on teenage girls and young women, who rarely visit urban sports facilities. It will propose an inventory of existing urban sports areas and the needs of young women for the adaptation or targeted creation of new infrastructures, aiming to encourage their participation in urban sports areas and gender diversity in public spaces.
  • A description of these projects (in French) is available on the page:

Photo by Vika Strawberrika on Unsplash