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Lausanne City-University: innovating and learning together!

Lausanne City-University: innovating and learning together!


Published on 20 September 2023

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Discover “Veni, Vidy, Digi”, the interactive map that takes you on a journey through the history of ancient Lausanne, the Gallo-Roman settlement at Vidy.

The City-University partnership is closely monitoring the projects supported under the 2023 call for projects, the theme of which was left open. Among these remarkable initiatives is the “Veni, Vidy, Digi” project, which aims to create an interactive map for visitors to the Roman Museum of Lausanne-Vidy. This immersive map will redraw the contours of ancient Lausanne, also known as Lousonna. 

For this project, #ASAnumerica – the digital centre of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Sciences at the University of Lausanne – is mobilizing its modelling skills, acquired in particular during the virtual reconstruction of a temple in Palmyra. In this initiative, these skills are being used to enhance the scientific knowledge of the Roman Museum of Lausanne-Vidy.

As a result of the collaboration between these two institutions, this initiative contributes to the renewal of the museum, which aims to be innovative in its approach to the public and adapt to new cultural habits in terms of digital technology. This partnership broadens the horizons of cultural mediation and offers an innovative approach to interacting with different audiences. 

Images copyright :ratio, Lausanne