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Lausanne, the first city in Switzerland to join the UNESCO network of learning cities

Lausanne, the first city in Switzerland to join the UNESCO network of learning cities


Published on 1 September 2022

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The application of "Lausanne, Learning City", jointly supported by the City of Lausanne and the University of Lausanne, has been accepted by UNESCO. Lausanne joins the World Network of Learning Cities and gains access to an international platform for the exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of lifelong learning.

Learning cities enable people of all ages and backgrounds to benefit from inclusive quality education and formal and informal lifelong learning opportunities. In doing so, these cities promote individual empowerment and social cohesion, economic development and cultural prosperity, and innovation and sustainability.

The recognition of “Lausanne, Learning City”, while enhancing and facilitating the City’s learning actions, will contribute to the achievement of several goals set out in the 2021-2026 legislative program, notably in the following areas:

  • The commitment of the City of Lausanne as an employer who is attentive to the development of its personnel;
  • Facilitating the transition from school to work and supporting professional training;
  • The participation of children and young people in the life of the city;
  • The integration of the school grounds between the training space and the living space of the neighborhoods;
  • Support for measures that facilitate access to the job market;
  • Encouraging the transfer of skills between seniors and other generations.

The main part of the implementation of “Lausanne, Learning City” will therefore consist of implementing and promoting the paradigm of lifelong learning in Lausanne, in partnership with the University of Lausanne and by associating actors from the associative, economic and cultural sectors. This  process will take place in several stages, supervised by a “Learning City Development Committee” (according to UNESCO terminology) composed of the General Secretariat of the Department of Children, Youth and Neighborhoods and the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

In accordance with the objectives defined in its statement of intent, UNIL wishes to use its competencies to promote lifelong learning accessible to all. UNIL will contribute to the steering of the project, will bring its scientific knowledge and will participate in the actions developed within the framework of the project.

The UNESCO World Network of Learning Cities has more than 200 members on five continents.