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Linköping University’s “Pillow Project” recycling initiative is a hit

Linköping University’s “Pillow Project” recycling initiative is a hit


Published on 1 September 2022

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Text: Marcus Nyenger

“Sustainability is a key priority for LiU”

The Pillow Project is a new collaboration between Linköping University and its student associations. The recycling initiative where new international students may buy a kit with pillows, bedding and towels from LiU Summer Academy became an instant hit!

“It has been perfect to both do something sustainable and something that really helps international students”, Camille Joy Enalbes says. Image: Magnus Johansson

Each year LiU Summer Academy – where students from LiU’s partner universities spend a month in Linköping – purchases pillows, towels and bedding for the participants. In previous years, hundreds of products have gone to a recycling station after the participants have left.

Sustainability and service

This year the International Office at LiU started an initiative called The Pillow Project. The aim is to recycle everything that is in good condition and to create starter kits that international students may buy for an affordable sum during their arrival days in the beginning of August.

All student associations were invited to oversee the initiative and the first to take up the role is the International Student Association (ISA). Next year the Navitas Student Association will assume the honour.

Therese Lindkvist, Coordinator at The International Office. Image: Magnus Johansson

“We were planning to do this already before the pandemic. Sustainability is an important pillar for LiU’s general environmental strategy and it feels great to finally be able to do this. It will be an excellent service for international students who most likely do not bring a pillow and other bedding to Sweden. It also gives us the opportunity to strengthen our ties and cooperation with the student organizations”, says Therese Lindkvist, Coordinator at the International Office.

Excellent collaboration

International Students Association. Image: Magnus Johansson

The initiative was an instant hit. ISA washed and collected in total 70 packages which all were sold during the first two weeks of August. The students were able to book and pay before their arrival in Sweden. The students were then able to collect their packages in Ryd in Linköping.

Camille Joy Enalbes is part of the ISA Public Relations team and says that it has been perfect to both do something sustainable and something that really helps international students.

“There were a few initial practical issues, but it all worked out great and it was an immediate success. The collaboration with the International Office worked well and the students have been delighted about the service and that we have saved them a trip to Ikea”, Camille Joy Enalbes says.