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Long Night of Research 2024: A Night of Discovery and Innovation in Innsbruck

Long Night of Research 2024: A Night of Discovery and Innovation in Innsbruck


Published on 29 May 2024

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The Long Night of Research, or "Lange Nacht der Forschung" (LNF), lit up the city of Innsbruck on May 24th with a spectacular array of scientific exhibits, interactive workshops, and enlightening lectures. As Austria's largest event dedicated to science, research, and innovation, LNF 2024 offered an unparalleled opportunity for the public to engage with cutting-edge science across 270 locations nationwide, featuring over 2,800 program points. The City of Innsbruck and University of Innsbruck are major partners of the LNF.

A Night of Discovery

From 17:00 to 23:00, Innsbruck transformed into a vibrant hub of scientific exploration. This year’s event showcased a broad spectrum of research disciplines. Visitors of all ages had the chance to dive into fields ranging from quantum computing and biomedical advancements to environmental science and digital technology. The University of Innsbruck was a focal point of excitement, particularly with its explosive chemistry show that drew enthusiastic crowds.

The LNF emphasizes interactive learning, offering numerous hands-on workshops and experiments. Children and adults alike participated in activities such as building robotic devices, simulating meteorological phenomena, and conducting chemistry experiments. These interactive stations are crucial for sparking interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields among younger attendees and fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation.

Connecting science and the public

In this sense, the LNF is more than just an event; it is a cornerstone in promoting scientific literacy and community engagement with research. By making science accessible and exciting, LNF helps bridge the gap between researchers and the public, fostering a greater understanding of and appreciation for the scientific endeavours shaping our future.

Innsbruck’s program also included an industrial exhibition of research-based companies at the University of Innsbruck’s CCB building. Esteemed companies such as Novartis, Adler Lacke, Liebherr Werk Telfs, Mediasquad, Vira Therapeutics, Dynatrace GmbH, VASCage, Health Hub Tirol, and others showcased their latest innovations. These exhibits highlighted the direct applications of research in various industries, from healthcare to technology.

Rector Veronika Sexl emphasized the event’s significance: “The Long Night of Research is an invaluable platform for us to share our work directly with the community. It allows us to inspire the next generation of scientists and demonstrate the real-world impact of our research.”