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New impetus for Magdeburg’s Port of Science

New impetus for Magdeburg’s Port of Science


Published on 17 October 2023

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Magdeburg's Port of Science hosted the first "Transfer-HAFEN Conference" on October 11, 2023. Under the motto "New impetus for the Port of Science", around 100 partners from science, business, culture and administration in the city of Magdeburg discussed the potential and associated opportunities of the area.

The Transfer-HAFEN conference signalled the kick off of the large-scale, high-tech project to regenerate the area.

In Magdeburg’s Port of Science – an old inland port – an urban high-tech medical technology centre will be created over the coming years. Four areas – science, business, living and well-being (the 4Ws) will be intensively interlinked for the first time, creating the perfect environment for knowledge exchange as well as social interaction.

The aim is to develop the Port of Science into a modern urban quarter. Here, innovative research, high-tech companies with attractive workplaces, modern living, and diverse leisure and cultural offerings will create a ‘pull’ effect and mutually reinforce each other.

The conference brought together a wide range of actors and stakeholders for the first time. Among other things, they explored the key factors that are necessary for the development of the area.

Questions that were discussed included:

  • How can the future exchange between the separate areas be successful?
  • How can cultural space design and participation contribute to the overall development to create an urban quarter?
  • How can science be successfully transferred to the economy?

Two keynote speakers provided thought-provoking presentations. Willem van Winden set out in his keynote speech the conditions under which synergies and communities are created within science quarters. Martin Mahn, CEO of TUTECH INNOVATION GmbH, spoke about the best conditions and infrastructure required for successful knowledge transfer, and he presented various examples of innovation and research transfer.

The conference marked the start of the long-term project “transPORT – Transfer-HAFEN Magdeburg”, led by Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and funded by the federal government under the program heading – T!Raum – TransferRäume für die Zukunft von Regionen. The City of Magdeburg administration is a key partner in the project.

Initiated by the STIMULATE research campus of the University of Magdeburg, the transfer of medical technology research and new technologies from university research to industry will be undertaken here in the future. Scientific research will be readily translated into commercial opportunities within the regional economy as a result of the close proximity to the business start-ups and spin-offs clustered within the new site. At the same time, innovations and medical technology challenges can be introduced directly into the local community through new formats.

The University of Magdeburg is leading the project with the STIMULATE research campus. Key partners within the project are the City of Magdeburg, the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, as well as the companies Neoscan Solutions GmbH, Agromex Invest GmbH, VISUALIMPRESSION GmbH, the Innovation and Start-up Centre Magdeburg and GETEC PM Magdeburg GmbH. The project leads will have up to 2 million euros per year of funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to enable them to implement the plans over the next 9 years.

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The conference was even captured in graphic format!