2020 - One year online with the EUniverCities Network

Last year was a special year: the Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone's lives, habits and practices; ways and places of work have changed. EUniverCities has also adapted to the new context: how has the network been reorganized?

No more face-to-face meetings:
the first meeting to be cancelled was the one scheduled in Parma for last spring, thus we decided to make it online. While waiting to meet again face-to-face, we will keep all meetings online.

Development of #EUniverCitiesTalks webinars:
nevertheless, we continued to discuss online and we explored some topics related to the pandemic issue (“Maintaining a cultural offer in times of social distancing .... a challenge for City & University” and “Welcoming days and international student mobility in times of COVID-19”).

Renewal and improvement of the website:
thanks to the contributions from all the partners, we have published the new website, renewed in style and updated in content, making it more usable and functional: a sort of virtual square where all partners, every week, can share examples of good practices of cooperation between Cities and Universities.
All the documents from the old site were moved to a shared Teams platfom.
Furthermore, we have created the Instagram page (@eunivercitiesnetwork) to share news, ideas and experiences in a more rapid and widespread way, with more immediate and visual language.

The Lausanne process:
the Lausanne meeting of November soon turn out to be a Lausanne process: a series of online workshops with the aim to create a handbook for city-university partnership, with concrete recommendations and tips for practitioners, written by the EUniverCities network.
The Lausanne process started in November and it will end in February 2021.The first workshops saw the participations of 70 and 60 between coordinators and experts from the whole Network, a sort of record for our meetings.

Coordinators meetings: in recent months we have organized four coordinators meetings online, with the aim of staying in touch and sharing the progress of activities, physically distant but in steady collaboration.


Thanks to everyone for their contributions and for sharing experiences and ideas: this is a particularly heartfelt thanks for the commitment and willingness to stay in touch, even if at a distance, in a difficult time like this one.


Secretariat EUniverCities
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