Green Seeds Ghent – a 3ID-LABS project of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the City of Ghent



From Ghent, we present the Green Seeds Ghent, a team of Artevelde university of applied sciences students who want to contribute to the creation of greenery and biodiversity in the city of Ghent. They focus on people who have a small outdoor space such as a balcony, terrace, etc. They offer people in this situation tailor-made and accessible starter kits that allow them to immediately start growing plants without any prior knowledge. They have selected native plant species for their kits to support local biodiversity.

They want to cooperate with local companies and initiatives. Such partnerships allow us to keep our production within the local economy.

More info about the idea in this film (1min)

Green Seeds Ghent finds its origins in 3ID LABS. As an international semester (30 ECTS), students learn how to manage themselves and how to work effective and efficient in super diverse teams whilst tackling a social or environmental challenge using a Human-centered approach. The main goals are to deliver competent new professionals, with T-shaped skills who are skilled in working in self- directed teams.  3ID LABS is a full-time educational module of 30 ECTS credits as a part of formal education. It’s available for all BA, MA, PhD degree students who followed at least 100 ECTS credits. 3ID LABS can be part of a curriculum or can be followed on top of it. The students will be trained in an open learning environment (24/7 access), developing tailored solutions for these real life-wicked challenges. Intellectual property rights are for the students. 3ID LABS is based on an interdisciplinary, international, and intergenerational approach (3I’s) and is a pre-incubator where students start from 'wicked' real-life challenges and work towards a concrete solution. The cases we work on are suggested by organisations outside the university and are related to the global goals for sustainable development. The city of Ghent in a key partner for us. They provide wicked challenges for our students. We are constructing an open learning context together with the city of Ghent.  This makes 3ID LABS more transdisciplinary by connecting non-academic partners with learners and experts. Some teams will end up with a new business just like Green Seeds Ghent.


More info on the website,  Linkedinfacebook, Instagram. More info about their current cases on instagram. Register here for 21-22! 


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