Magdeburg backs Education for Sustainable Development

Everyone can learn sustainable behaviour - this is the basic idea behind the concept of Education for Sustainable Development, or ESD for short. Magdeburg is using ESD to shape the future of Magdeburg's citizens in a sustainable way. The city was selected as a model municipality for Education for Sustainable Development and will integrate the topic firmly into the local educational system over the next three years. 


"Magdeburg should continue to meet the needs of its inhabitants in the coming decades. Sustainability is the declared goal that we can only achieve together. Through ESD, all people in Magdeburg can acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable action," explains Magdeburg's Lord Mayor Dr. Lutz Trümper. "We are looking forward to working with the ESD Competence Centre to tackle the targeted orientation of our educational system towards these burning issues of the future."


The link to anchoring ESD is the municipal education management, which has been coordinating the development of a needs-based education landscape since 2019. With its municipal education management, Magdeburg is working towards the goal of strengthening educational equity and participation. In addition to education monitoring, the focus is on moderating the exchange between and with actors in the education sector in order to link knowledge and create solid concepts. The topics of digitalisation, STEM and gender-sensitive education are particularly on the agenda. Now the subject area of ESD has been added.


For years, the state capital of Magdeburg has been a strong advocate for climate protection. Connecting ESD with existing strategies in this area is therefore just as much a goal as anchoring ESD in the city's educational mission statement. In addition, cooperation within the administration is to be expanded and networking promoted. Non-city partners such as universities and research institutions will also be involved, as will clubs and associations.  


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