Parma: Municipality, University and students united for non-resident university students


In Parma, the Municipality and the University, together with the students, have joined forces  to  allocate € 175,000 as a financial contribution to help students and families in difficulty due to the coronavirus emergency, in order to allow students from different social and economic backgrounds to continue their studies at the University of Parma.

The Council of Students and the Student Associations  have decided to donate the amount of € 50,000, which is usually destined to Cultural and Social Initiatives promoted by University students, for off-site rentals instead. To this amount, the University has added further € 50,000 , while the Municipality has  allocated an additional sum of € 75,000.

The rental fund for non-resident students is therefore intended for university students coming from abroad or from other areas of Italy,who constitute a substantial percentage of the total number of students. Such an action thus represents an active and joint commitment of both the institutions involved, witnessing the attention of the city to its students and the engagement to support them in this  unprecedented emergency  our country is experiencing.

An important result obtained thanks to  actions and measures set inthe agreement between the Municipality of Parma and the University of Parma called "Parma University City", signed on 29 May 2019.


Secretariat EUniverCities
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