The University of Exeter extends its business support to the whole region

The University of Exeter has attracted considerable resource from the last round of ESIF funding (£1.2 million) to extend and expand the University Enterprise Zone Project at the Exeter Science Park. The funding will enable the award-winning acceleration provision delivered by SETsquared Exeter to be distributed across the region.

SETsquared Exeter is the global number 1 business incubator and businesses in the region will have the opportunity to access its acceleration provision via the Foundations Programme delivered by experts and advisors. The Programme which focusses on founder ambition and business longevity will enable organisations to create resilient foundations, grow and thrive.


The funding has also enabled SETsquared Exeter to strengthen the pipeline of business acceleration activity which includes the renowned Entrepreneurs’ Programme enabling aspirant entrepreneurs to understand their business potential via an intensive three day development workshop.

The ongoing success of the UEEZ has seen the launch of Exeter’s Technology Exploration Lab, an innovative development space, providing vital access to emerging technologies for entrepreneurs to innovate to their full potential.

The project has allowed the launch of a series of new collaborative events for the business community. ‘Discovery room’ events will connect SMEs with new technologies and researchers to forge new partnerships and support adoption of emerging technologies to grow businesses and unlock development opportunities.

Speaking of the recent development, Dr Ben Voysey, Incubation and Acceleration Manager said: “We are delighted to confirm funding that will enable remote access to SETsquared Exeter’s business acceleration provision including community events, customised workshops and access to emerging technologies. Our region has a thriving innovation ecosystem and we are thrilled to be in a position to harness this achievement and offer enhanced and tailored business support.”

For more information on the UEEZ project and the support services available from SETsquared Exeter, visit the website or connect with us on LinkedIn.


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