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City of Norrköping

Norrköping is a city (about 143,000 inhabitants) in constant transformation. In the past, Norrköping was an industrial city. Now creative, knowledge-driven enterprise is taking off, a process driven by the outstanding university, Campus Norrköping, which is part of Linköping University.

The Campus Norrköping is located in the old industrial area of the city center. Here you also can find the Visualization Center C, were world leading research in visualization is taking place.

Norrköping, together with Linköping, forms one of Sweden’s population and growth centres, only 90 minutes drive from Stockholm. The region is a dynamic one, with a number of strong competence areas. Norrköping is a logistic centre of trade and communications.


Linköping University – Campus Norrköping

LiU has a student population of about 32,000. At Campus Norrköping there are around 5,000 students studying courses and programmes in four faculties: Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, Educational Sciences and Science of Engineering. The faculties are responsible for education at basic and advanced level, PhD training and research. At Campus Norrköping you can graduate as a teacher, engineer, media producer or nurse amongst other vocations.


City of Norrköping  Linköping University – Campus Norrköping
City Hall
Norrköpings kommun
601 81 Norrköping
581 83 Linköping
Jörgen Jonsson
Coordinator, City Executive Office
Jan Axelsson
Director of Collaboration
+46 11 15 34 16
+46 1328 2556
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