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City of Timisoara

Called ‘Little Vienna’ or the ‘City of Flowers’, Timișoara is considered the informal capital of the historical Banat region. The country’s third largest city is the economic hub of the region, with 319,279 inhabitants, home to almost a half-million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, as well as over 30,000 students from over 50 countries.

Symbol of the 1989 Revolution against the communist regime, Timișoara is, in the Western part of Romania, a modern cosmopolitan city and academic centre, with wide international perspectives, offering the perfect starting point to accomplish welfare, progress and understanding.

The economy of Timișoara has historic tradition in manufacturing, commerce, transport, education, communications and tourism. In 2016, Timișoara was awarded by Forbes as the most dynamic city and the best city for business in Romania.

Timişoara is a multicultural city inhabited not only by Romanians, but also by Hungarians, Germans and Serbs. Timişoara is not only a cosmopolitan city highly connected to the rest of Europe, but also the city with the highest internet speed in the world and a European Capital of Culture in 2021.

The concept for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023, ‘Shine Your Light – Light up your city!’ represents the spirit of the city. It implies the spiritual light and beliefs, but also points to the light of a remarkable era in which the modern city on the Bega river was established. It is about the age of Enlightenment, a period when the people of Timișoara and its surrounding region were learning and propagating tolerance and fraternal spirit.

West University of Timișoara

With more than 75 years of tradition, West University of Timișoara (WUT) is a family of 16.000 members, the widest from Western Romania, with a strong identity and highly involved in the local community. Founded in 1944 through Royal Decree, WUT is the fourth comprehensive university from Romania.

Regional leader on the educational market, with constantly increasing connections to the international academic community, West University of Timisoara is offering an effervescent intellectual environment, which stimulates individual achievements, teamwork, interdisciplinarity and research.

As a large academic center with strong collaborations with the stakeholders from the local social and economic sector, WUT has a strong focus on employability and career preparation. Providing innovative teaching methods, a student-centered approach to learning and study programmes with an international outlook, West University of Timișoara provides a very wide range of fields and specializations, from vocational areas, social, economic, philological to science, in 11 faculties. Research also lies at the heart of WUT’s activity and is essential in order to guarantee the quality teaching. The recent years’ classifications at international level are positioning WUT in the main five Romanian universities, but first in terms of international collaborations and impact of the research activity.

WUT’s reputation for academic excellence attracts partners, academics and students from around the world, resulting in a friendly, open and multicultural environment. With an average of 6% (and growing) number of international students and more than 400 partner universities worldwide, our community is growing its international dimension constantly. Numerous international educational projects, as well as a very high number of student and staff mobilities abroad, also contribute to the internationalization of WUT’s curricula, community and institution overall.

City of Timisoara West University of Timișoara 
City Hall of Timisoara Municipality
Bd. C. D. Loga nr. 1
300030 Timisoara
V. Parvan no 4
300223 Timisoara
Contact person: Carmen Proteasa

Advisor to the Mayor

Contact person: Daniela Tuleu

Senior Advisor, Business Relations

Contact person: Professor Ciprian Panzaru

Department of Sociology

Research Group in Social and Economic Complexity

+40 256 408371
+40 256 592 111



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