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An EUniverCities ‘Cookbook’

An EUniverCities ‘Cookbook’

In December 2023, the EUniverCities Network held their winter meeting in Magdeburg. The theme of the meeting was how cities and universities can work together to attract and retain talent.

Many European cities are facing a shortage of  well-educated and appropriately skilled workers to match the demands of the changing employment market. As local economies mature and adapt, the skills required change over time. This can also happen quickly, as is the case with Magdeburg which is preparing for a major investment by a high tech company which will drive the needs for an influx of highly skilled workers – as well as significant training and re-training of the existing labour market to equip them to take up the jobs on offer.

Over the three day programme in Magdeburg, Network members and guests explored strategies and approaches that help cities to respond to the challenges of changing economies and skills requirements, recognising that universities and city administrations are key players.

The final stage of the meetings was an opportunity to think about how cities of talent might look in 2050 – what are the fundamental components that are needed for medium sized cities to succeed and how can ‘city tandems’ best work together to achieve that.

To view the full publication in interactive format through ISSUU, click here:- An EUniverCities ‘Cookbook’