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West University of Timișoara hosts ‘Smart Diaspora 2023’

West University of Timișoara hosts ‘Smart Diaspora 2023’


Published on 8 March 2023

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The West University of Timisoara (UVT) is preparing for the largest Romanian diaspora conference, Smart Diaspora 2023. The event gathers over one thousand Romanians living abroad and working in science and the arts, as creators and professionals in their domains. They have made themselves a name and a career in various parts of the world, as valuable assets of Romania and as people who keep the love for their country in their souls and act as ambassadors of everything that is recognized as remarkable all over the globe.

The conference promotes Romanian values across the world and the strengthening of our relationships with those who honourably represent our country abroad. Now at its fourth edition, the conference is organized under the high patronage of the President of Romania, under the aegis of the Romanian Government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, by Timișoara University Alliance (ATU) – made up of the four public universities in Timișoara (UVT, UPT, UMF and USAMVB), together with UEFISCDI, with the participation of the Romanian Academy.

Original ideas of the Romanian researchers in the country and abroad will be exchanged in workshops and panels on the eight topics offered for debate: science at the cutting edge of knowledge, technological frontier and innovation; the challenge of the digital; sustainability, security and resilience for citizens and communities; (social, technological and cultural) entrepreneurship; science for all and with all in the society and for the society; European universities through the eyes of smart diaspora; the non-governmental sector – research challenges.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Timișoara, in the cultural heart of Europe, on 10-13 April 2023, in the city that is currently a European Capital of Culture. This unique meeting of outstanding Romanians from abroad will facilitate the creative approach of the most recent topics for professionals in science, education, innovation, entrepreneurship and European development.