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Innsbruck kicks off new “House of Physics”

Innsbruck kicks off new “House of Physics”


Published on 1 January 2022

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The Austrian Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science have recently given the go-ahead for a new "House of Physics" which will be built for Universität Innsbruck. This was announced, inter alia, by Universität Innsbruck Rector Tilmann Märk and Innsbruck mayor Georg Willi, at a press conference.

The “House of Physics” will find its home at Universität Innsbruck’s Campus Technik in the west of the Tyrolean capital. The architectural competition for the planning of the new building is already underway and the winning project is expected to be finalized in the summer of 2022. Construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2024, with the completion of the “House of Physics” scheduled for completion in 2028. Over 180.8 million euros will be invested in total

The “House of Physics” is being built for around 850 students and over 500 employees of Universität Innsbruck. The need for the building project results from the increasing number of students in Innsbruck and from the increased demands on the infrastructure of university buildings. In addition, institutes previously scattered across the campus can be housed in one building, which has an identity-forming effect.

With the “House of Physics”, Innsbruck will get a modern, new university building for research and teaching at the highest international level. Tilmann Märk, Rector of Universität Innsbruck, says: “This is a special opportunity for Universität Innsbruck, but also for the science hub Innsbruck and Tyrol. After a long run-up, it is now becoming reality: The House of Physics. Thus, one of the internationally visible scientific beacons of our university will get a new, expanded presence, adapted to the challenges of the future working environment, not least to continue to work successfully on the quantum computer made in Innsbruck and other relevant and fundamental issues in physics. I am also particularly pleased that this new building, in line with our sustainability strategy, will be a showpiece in terms of energy efficiency.”
Georg Willi, Mayor of Innsbruck, adds: “The University of Innsbruck is one of the flagships of our city and the Department of Physics enjoys an excellent international reputation. As mayor, I am very pleased that the ‘House of Physics’ is now becoming a reality, creating a modern and sustainable environment for students and equipping Innsbruck as a university location for the challenges of the future. I am already very excited to s

Image: Innsbruck Mayor Georg Willi, Governor Günther Platter, Rector Tilmann Märk and BIG Managing Director Hans-Peter Weiss (from left). (Credit: University of Innsbruck)