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Timisoara and Lublin mobilise to support Ukrainian refugees

Timisoara and Lublin mobilise to support Ukrainian refugees


Published on 1 March 2022

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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, over 3 million refugees, mostly women and children, have arrived in neighbouring countries. Our network partners in Lublin and Timisoara have been pulling out all the stops to welcome refugees and ensure they can access vital services. Read on to find out what they’ve been doing and how you can help.

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Timisoara for Ukraine

The Municipality of Timisoara is coordinating a local solidarity committee of about 30 organisations named “Timisoara for Ukraine” to provide support to the refugees arriving in the city and to respond to the needs of our twin city Chernivtsi in Ukraine, which has asked for their help.

Chernivtsi is situated close to the Romanian border and is transited daily by numerous refugees in their way to Romania.  The city of Chernivtsi and the surrounding region have become a refuge for approximately 100,000 people, of whom 40,000 have officially applied for help, and their number is growing every day. The city also sends part of the humanitarian aid they receive to other Ukrainian cities in need.

The link of the website for collecting donations is:

Donations are used mainly to purchase the specific equipments and goods our twin city requires. The situation is likely to become increasingly critical and all donations and offers of support are gratefully received.

More information about the initiative “Timisoara for Ukraine” and its activities is available at:

The West University of Timisoara is also offering postdoctoral and other opportunities to displaced scholars. More details are available here:


Lubliners come together to offer their support

The City of Lublin, in solidarity with its neighbour Ukraine, is preparing a whole package of aid measures for people fleeing the war.

The Lublin Welfare Committee for Ukraine operates at the Centre for Culture in Lublin, which provides help and information to people from Ukraine and coordinates the work of aid organizations and volunteers.

Emergency accommodation points, for people fleeing the war in Ukraine, have been opened in 15 locations in Lublin. At present, they can accommodate over 2000 people. There are more locations in store, ready to be launched as needed. The Municipal Family Support Centre, together with the Crisis Intervention Centre and volunteers, is responsible for the coordination of the food supply chain and the care of people seeking shelter there. First contact teams providing psychological and linguistic help operate in these places.

Lubliners who have provided accommodation for people from Ukraine are being supported with offers of essential items. Ukrainian citizens who seek shelter in Lublin are entitled to free passage on public transport. Ukrainian children have been admitted to schools near their temporary place of residence and those using school dormitories are currently exempt from food and accommodation fees. The City of Lublin is also helping new arrivals to find suitable jobs. Local cultural institutions are also adapting their offer to meet the needs of refugees, and are offering services such as kids’ clubs and educational activities. Medical assistance (including access to Covid-19 vaccines) and legal advice are also available free of charge.

You can donate to support Lublin’s refugee support efforts at the following website:

EUniverCities is also coordinating efforts to place Ukrainian scholars in fellowships at institutions across our network and work to support their integration – more updates on this to follow.